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Your Pictures are Most Likely Circulating Through the Internet Due to AI Art.

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

When posting a picture on Instagram do you ever wonder how much circulation your photo gets? Circulation in the digital world is the movement or flow of something within a network, in this case, your photos. Did you know that the popular app "LENSA AI" uses billions of images from the internet to create art for its paying users?

If you have posted publically on the internet through social media the chances are your pictures have been used! What are the chances of your picture being used? The answer would be somewhere in the one in a ten million category depending on how many images you appear in across the entire database of social media images used to create AI art. Ultimately, it would be extreme for a direct image to be used as the AI app is trained to take bits and pieces from billions of different pictures to bring together an artistic photo. Therefore, you may have your nose stolen and incorporated into creating art for someone else.

If you are worried about using your photos, you may want to consider disengaging from digital platforms. For me, it is easy to know that none of my pictures will be taken directly. Honestly, I would laugh if I noticed myself on someone else's AI algorithmic artwork.

The Lensa AI art generator uses a method of creation that is very complicated but it can be described simply. The generator used within Lensa is called Generative Adversarial Network. GANs are a type of deep learning algorithm that contain two different neural networks: the discriminator and the generator. These two networks are trained together in adversarial training, a process that teaches the generator to create more realistic images by tricking the discriminator. These images are created from a data set that consists of paintings, sketches, photos, and other types of artwork. A majority of these images are copyrighted and are subject to include your personal photos that have been publically shared.

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