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     Kristin Fiorvanti is a multimedia artist creating captivating impressions of the world through a critical lens. Born in Virginia in 1998, Kristin grew up in rural suburbia with her grandparents where she began painting at a young age under her grandmother's guidance. 


     In 2018, during her studies for a two-year degree at a local community college, she took a leap of faith and submitted a portfolio of 5 paintings and drawings to an international art and design competition that awarded her the opportunity to study abroad, tuition-free, at a private art academy in the heart of Florence. It would be the first time Kristin left her country. During the program at Accademia Riaci, Kristin studied and replicated the masterful works of the Renaissance under her maestro, Alessandro Berti. In one of the world’s largest art hubs, her perception of art as a tool for communication expanded drastically, as did her skill to create. This gave her the confidence to render realistic, larger-than-life drawings and exhibit them in the US and the broader, European world.

     Kristin's style is intimate and personal, inviting the viewer to explore the subjects she finds along her travels. Using traditional painting techniques from French and Italian influences, she reveals snapshots in time that explore the significance of unplanned compositions, poses, authority over vision, and the dichotomies found within gender and age.  Now an expat in Rome, Italy, she uses her practice as a way to engage in dialogue with a wider, international audience. Through unique and traditional approaches, Kristin invites viewers to share in her vision of the world and explore the complex themes that inspire her work.

     During the COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person experiences were locked down, Kristin took to building an online community around creative living on social media and partook in online exhibitions with international audiences. Expanding her studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, her creative mediums spilled over into video art, sculpture, soundscapes, and performance art. At the base of her work is an inclination for curiosity, poetry, activism, and critical reflection over media and culture. Kristin now studies Media and Communications at John Cabot University and serves as the student cabinet representative of the Art and Design department.

     Building creative momentum in a new city, Kristin exhibited her recent body of work “Life Story,” in JCU’s group exhibition in last April, and has since participated in a handful of collaborative group shows, panel discussions and workshops around Rome. Since January, she has also been working on the design and production teams of a Rome-based film company founded on diversity storytelling and leveraging women in the arts. Her roles include brand specialist, music video director, research assistant and production designer in documentary filmmaking. She expects to graduate in the Spring of 2024 and continue down an interdisciplinary, directorial path in the visual arts.

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Marion Mercer,
Art Professor

Lja Community College

She is a bright, mature, personable and well-spoken young woman, and her artwork really is exceptional.

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Alessandro Berti,
Drawing & Painting Maestro

Accademia Riaci

She distinguished herself in drawings from life, even at large dimensions done with mixed techniques of considerable interest. My judgement is largely positive for her commitment and the results.

Avatar 85
Lorenzo Tondo,
Painting Maestro

Accademia Riaci

She is careful and with a certain mastery of color and form. She has a strong sense of commitment.

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