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      "BE MY EYES. BE MY HANDS." is a performance piece about influence, trust and interaction. With eyes bound, and paintbrush and marker in hand, my body served as an unbiased vessel for creation. The concept of judgment, between artist and participant, is sterilized through the compromise of control, yet each person is powerless to make a mark without the other.

      The physical painting, characterized by hasty marks and scribbles, came to be only through the courageous decision to be publicly observed in the balancing act. 

public influence.png

total time spent: 1 hour, 54 minutes

total time spent before 1st participant*: 23 minutes, 54 seconds

total participants: 9

% of overall time spent interacting: 9.4%

average amount of time spent interacting: 1 minute, 9 seconds

% of participants who asked permission before interacting: 5/9

% of participants who spoke to me before interacting: 8/9

tips received: €2.40 and a piece of cake


*participant = passerby that touches the rods for any amount of time


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