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Life Story

     As a visual artist, I explore and reinterpret stories through diverse mediums such as oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, video art, and performance. My work delves into the realms of nostalgia, intimacy, and memory, engaging viewers in the duality of critical and intimate reflections.

     These recent creations emphasize intense childhood memories set within isolated spaces, showcasing snapshots of girlhood at all stages of life. Drawing inspiration from family photo albums, I focus on the overlooked and the obscure, unearthing the curious ties of our identity to banal and familiar settings and objects. Through my skillful rendering of figures and expressions, I bring these private moments to life, inviting the public to engage with the essence of the moments I portray.

     My artistic process is driven by a desire to understand and convey themes such as autonomy, innocence, identity, materiality, and belonging, specifically in the context of hypermasculine spaces and the Western family unit. My work evokes a range of emotions, encroaching, perhaps, the bittersweet process of leaving home, engaging with the world, and reflecting on life in hindsight. I am excited when the work inspires disalogues of commonality that bridges cultures, often provoked by the expressions, colors and materials depicted within the work.

     I am fulfilled by balancing the exploration of personal experiences with a broader examination of the human condition. Through my art, I not only connect with my own past but also invite viewers to confront their own histories, identities, and lineage. By embracing the challenge of dissecting my story, I continue to evolve as an artist, discovering new ways to engage, provoke, and inspire.


Exhibition View

Palazzo Velli, Rome | April 2023
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