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MOGLEY: Our Jungle Book Story

Written, Directed and Edited by Kristin Fiorvanti

Story Untold



Dustin (Mogley) Moore's legacy unfolds in a captivating narrative of youthful enthusiasm set against the backdrop of modern-day rural Virginia, grappling with the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic on blue-collar communities. The challenges of divorce, poverty, domestic violence, drug abuse, and loneliness mark his story. However, "MOGLEY: Our Jungle Book Story" provides an honest celebration of Dustin's unwavering passion for adventure, empathy, affection, connection, and fervor.

In the midst of defining moments filled with both beauty and tragedy, Dustin's narrative resonates with the tumultuous lives of many millennials who have been personally impacted by America's intricate war on drugs. "MOGLEY" stands as a testament to the resilience and complexity of the human spirit, offering a glimpse into the profound struggles and triumphs of those navigating the harsh realities of rural life and the far-reaching consequences of the opioid crisis.

Told through testimonies of friends, family, and addiction-prevention specialists, Dustin's journey becomes a poignant reflection of broader societal challenges. His sister recounts her loss through interviews, archives, and poetic editing styles, urging viewers to connect with the universal themes of perseverance, compassion, and the search for meaning in the face of adversity.

Director's Statement

Kristin Fiorvanti

As my first documentary, this film truly required me to pour heart and soul into the project. As much as it is difficult to tell such a story, so close to home, I find it incredibly important and healing to our community to show my soul to the world and tell my brother's story with a greater picture in mind. I am most fulfilled by the hearts I have touched with the weight of the piece, inspiring people to come forward with their own stories of loss, rehab, and family trauma. Its impact, even in my private, American university, has inspired me to act and continue fighting for a more open space to share an emotional side of ourselves.

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Featured in...

OFFICIAL SELECTION - NRV Youth Film Festival - 2024.png
FINALIST - Virginia Emerging Filmmakers Festival - 2024.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival - 2024.png

Support the Film

With every festival we're able to enter, the more lives we can touch with this story of compassion. I pledge that any awards won will go towards a fund for Dustin's headstone.

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