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AI: Revolutionizing Fashion E-Commerce

It's 2023 and it's official...

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has swindled its way into nearly every sector of society. From autonomous vehicles to facial recognition, personalized AI assistants to the widely debated ChatGPT, AI technology can be found making our once labour-some lives more efficient and even more creative.

That said, while AI is seemingly exclusive to STEM based fields, this is simply not the case. In fact, the wonders of AI technology is, for better or for worse, taking the art world by storm! And of course, inclusive in this rapidly automated artistic landscape is the fashion industry.

Now, the application of AI tech in the fashion industry is extensive and ever growing as the latest innovative software is being churned out as fast as you can say Balenciaga. In just the last decade we have seen AI generated influencers, such as Lil Miquela and Shudu, gain millions of followers posing in AI generated Prada and Alexander McQueen.

Lil Miquela and Shudu, the AI-generated fashion models and influencers, pose on Instagram for the luxury brands Prada, Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Chanel. Photos: @lilmiquela @shudu.gram

We have seen designers create entirely digital collections for popular video games, such as the spring/summer collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Final Fantasy back in 2016. And of course, the rise of AI generated fashion models are making compellingly controversial headlines in fashion news.

That said, however, it is important to understand that not all applications of AI in the fashion industry are as fantastical as this army of hyper-symmetrical imaginary models that are running humans off the runway. By this I mean, artificial intelligence is not just digital clothes on digital bodies but rather is being harnessed as a common tool for efficiency and growth that is benefiting the designer, the retailer, and, you… the customer!

The Future of Fashion E-Commerce (

That said, here are three ways in which AI is making fashion e-commerce exponentially more efficient, innovative and lucrative:

1. Personalized Customer Experience

AI technology is genius at predicting our every want and need based on our past consumer habits. In fact, the very fabric of an AI system is composed of past compiled information in a database that is then pieced back together when given a demand. In other words, AI systems analyze countless product attributes and, based on the visual detection of your past fashion purchases or searches, will recommend products or similar alternatives in seconds. Therefore, retailers can take advantage of this technology by easily directing clients to relevant products on their pages and therefore foster an efficient, personally tailored customer experience that is sure to sell!

2. Assistance is Always a Click Away

Chatbots and personal AI assistants are widely used throughout the arena of e-commerce sites. However, in online clothing retail, they are rapidly growing in popularity. Needless to say, fashion is a very individualized industry and oftentimes customers require help when trying to find the perfect size, fabric or fit. Therefore, customer assistance is certainly one way the fashion industry is taking advantage of the “human behavior” of artificial intelligence.

3. Finding the Perfect Garment has Never been so Easy

We’ve all been there. You see a picture of your favorite celebrity in the most darling top and you know you must have it! You spend hours on Google typing random attributes about the blouses pattern and shape into the search bar, but it's where to be found. Until now!

Among the latest AI innovations is the ability to search with images rather than words. This revolutionary tool can be referred to as the “visual search.”

“Through this application, clients can use photos, such as photos of celebrities or influencers, to identify the nearest products and store. It allows users to visually show what they are looking for and offers companies the chance to intercept the demand and offer alternatives that match their tastes.” (Temera)

AI Fashion Consumption (

While the increased application of AI poses a plethora of questions about the future of the fashion industry and e-commerce, it is safe to say this: The vast power of Artificial Intelligence has arrived, and it is certainly here to stay. It is molding and shaping our global society right before our eyes, helping e-commerce to thrive, artists to innovate and shoppers to consume.


Thanks for stopping by!

- Josie G.

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